Meet the Team

Ian Clafton

Owner | PADI Assistant Instructor

Ok, not the best photo, but the only one we managed to get without inappropriate gestures being offered!


Ian is the genius of the service centre and salesman extraordinaire. Ian has been the real visionary for the evolution of Aquanaut, and has endless plans for the future as well.


There is very little that he doesn't know about dive equipment and does occasionally jump in the water and dive himself.

Lynne Clafton

Owner | PADI Master Instructor

LLynne has been a diver for more years than she will probably admit to. The love of diving took over to the extent of not just qualifying as a PADI Master Instructor, but also changing life the Universe and everything, giving up a very sensible job in town ... to buy a dive centre!


Now she justifiably has the opportunity to talk diving, live diving and even occasionally go diving.

Matt Noel

Manager | PADI Master Instructor

Matt first learned to dive in Grand Cayman just after his 12th birthday in 1998 (yes he is that old). Since then he has dived all over the world including Tenerife, Thailand, and the Philippines.


Having never dived in the UK previously Matt took the leap to become an Instructor with us in 2011. After taking a 5-year break from UK waters, instructing in Bermuda, he's back with the team at Aquanaut.


Having climbed the instructor ladder to Staff instructor his passion is still taking new divers for their first breaths underwater and seeing that look of amazement on new divers faces when they first start moving around underwater.

Andy Bognar

Service Technician | PADI Tec Deep Instructor

Andy walked into the Aquanaut shop having just completed his PADI Open Water and announced he wanted to do some more dives.


3 years later, after a 'few more' dives Andy became a PADI Instructor as his diving passion had taken him to the point he wanted to share his experiences with new divers.


Andy has experienced life as an Aquanaut diver, Aquanaut Divemaster, and now an Aquanaut instructor... and is still here, so we must be doing something right!


Now our senior service technician and budding tec diving instructor.

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