Equipment Servicing

We are pleased to let all of our customers know that as of this week (4/5/20) we will be accepting items for service. To protect our crew and customers we will be doing so following these procedures:


  • Drop-offs and pick-ups will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11 am and 4 pm
  • Bookings will need to be made by email beforehand to
  • Only one customer will be permitted in the shop at once
  • Payment will need to be made by bank transfer or card, no cash


We offer in house servicing on cylinders, regulators, BCD’s, dive computers and drysuits.


Unfortunately, we will be unable to offer any other services at this time including air fills. Our main shop is not open; however, you can make equipment purchases by our online shop.


Please bear in mind we will not be open for walk-ins this is by appointment only.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Amphibian Scuba has been at the top of the game in dive equipment servicing since 1981, trusted by some of the biggest instructors & divers, schools, shops and centres in the UK.  At Amphibian Scuba we are able to do most things on site from:


  • Cylinder testing (we are an IDEST Test centre 3X)
  • Regulator servicing
  • Air Fills including 300 Bar
  • Nitrox Fills
  • Trimix Fills
  • 100% O2 Fills
  • Dive computer/watch battery replacements
  • Drysuit repairs
  • We also make a great cup of coffee!

We work on a two week turn around for servicing on-site, except at busy times this may increase.  Arrangements can be made if you need equipment serviced quickly, please be aware a rush charge will apply, call us to find out availability.


If you have any further questions or requirements please get in touch by email or phone.


Note: You must have your certificate cards with you for any gas fills. NO Cards NO Gas.  Large quantities of gas must be pre-booked to ensure we have enough supply if we don’t then we will need to order it in which will take one working day, so pre-plan your gas plan.


Servicing Price List


All servicing prices include service parts and labour, any additional parts will be charged.



  • Visual Inspection inc valve - £38.00
  • Hydro Inspection inc valve - £47.00

  • O2 Clean inc valve - £40.00
  • Viz & O2 inc valve - £50.00
  • Hydro & O2 inc valve - £55.00


  • Visual Inspection inc valve & manifold - £85.00
  • Hydro Inspection inc valve & manifold - £99.00
  • OClean inc valve & manifold - £90.00
  • Viz & O2 inc valve & manifold - £110.00
  • Hydro & Oinc valve & manifold - £120.00

Please note, a disposal deposit will be taken on all cylinders being taken in for service.

£15 single cylinder

£40 twinset


Cylinder Inspection Additional Costs:

  • Extra Breakdown/assembly - £10.00 per item (cylinder consists of handle & boot / twinset consists of bands & boots)
  • Internal Cleaning (light rust) - £15.00
  • Internal Shot Blast - £40.00
  • Zinc Painting (small areas) - £15.00
  • Complete External Refurb - POA




  • First & Second Stage - £65.00 | £90.00 Atomic/Poseidon
  • First & Second Stage plus Octopus - £90.00 | £115.00 Atomic/Poseidon
  • O2 Clean - £25.00 full | £20.00 1st & 2nd only


  • Neck Seal Replacement - £50.00 latex | £70.00 neoprene
  • Wrist Seal Replacement - £50.00 latex | £70.00 neoprene
  • Pressure Test - £35.00
  • Zip Change - POA
  • Boots - £60.00 (plus price of boots or socks)
  • Pockets - £25.00 for 1 | £40.00 for 2
  • Kubi Glove Installation - £20.00 | £50.00 for glued in ring


Bulk servicing, dive centre/shop servicing; 

We are happy to create special packages for bulk, school or shop serving, please give us a call on

0208 761 2458 to discuss.

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